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What is a speed limiter
Most of the modern vehicles have speed limiter applied by manufacturer and in that way, the device prevents your car from being limited to a set speed, thus making the driving process easier. Some of the modern vehicles have intelligent speed limit systems that artificially change the speed of the vehicle based on pre-programmed values, such as road maps, satellite position or certain signals. If the vehicle reaches the speed limit, the speed limiter will prevent it from going faster.

How do speed limiters work
Special sensors in the vehicle detect how fast you are going. This information is then sent to the electronic control unit (ECU). When the set speed is reached the ECU restricts the flow of air and fuel to the engine. That way, the maximum speed of your vehicle is limited and you cannot exceed it.

Benefits of speed limiter removal
The best benefit of speed limiter removal is improved performance and a higher top speed. After speed limiter deactivation by reprogramming the ECU, the default settings will be rewritten and the speed limiter will be deactivated or adjusted. Deactivation of the speed limiter through the electronic control unit is the best solution to obtain more speed and power so that the vehicle is not limited by the manufacturer's parameters.