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Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR is an after treatment technology that uses of an Aqueous Urea solution called AdBlue to reduce harmful NOx emissions.
All major OEM’s have use this technology to meet the emission legislation on NOx emissions The main components of the SCR system are the AdBlue dosing control and injection unit, SCR catalyst and the AdBlue tank itself.
AdBlue is injected into the exhaust stream in front of the catalytic converter where it hydrolyses to ammonia and starts the chemical process of converting the nitrogen oxides NOx in the exhaust to nitrogen and water vapor.


AdBlue Systems Issues
Most common problems are: 
  • Crystallization
  • Heating failure
  • Freezing of AdBlue and the resulting expansion damage to the system
  • Nozzle failure
  • NOx sensor failure
  • Pump failure
  • AdBlue system control unit
Poor quality fuel increases AdBlue consumption due to frequent FAP-DPF regenerations. We know that there are many countries where the fuel is of poor quality and this makes it impossible for the AdBlue system to work, in this case it is better to deactivate it.

How is the AdBlue system removed
Deactivation is done by reprogramming the engine unit (ECU) with modified software

Is it legal to remove AdBlue-SCR
There are cases where it is necessary to completely remove the AdBlue-SCR. Complicated repairs in which to find the problem is necessary to temporarily remuv the system, competition vehicles, special purpose vehicles, etc.

The Removal of the AdBlue-SCR is at the customer's discretion!
Chip Cars offers global software modification services in various countries around the world. The user must consult the legal regulations in his country!