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Filter without additives, after-treatment of emissions of Euro 6 gasoline engines with direct injection

The particulate filter is located after the catalytic converter and collects pollutants from the engine. Gasoline engines don't really produce particulates like diesel engines, so filter regeneration is an easier process. Gasoline engines run at a higher exhaust gas temperature and this helps filter regeneration.
Why is the gasoline particulate filter clogged and damaged
The GPG/OPF can be clogged due to short journeys, exclusive use in the city, driving at low speeds, poor quality oil and fuel, mechanical engine problems, etc...

How is the particulate filter removed
The removal of a gasoline particle filter has two parts, emptying the ceramic and reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU). It is not recommended to electronically remove a GPF without removing the ceramics

Is GPF/OPF Removal Legal
There are cases where it is necessary to completely remove the GPF/OPF. Complicated repairs in which to find the problem it is necessary to ttemporary removal of the filter, competition vehicles, special purpose vehicles, etc.

The removal of the GPF/OPF is at the customer's discretion!
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