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The immobilizer is one of the most efficient anti-theft systems that has been designed and installed. This is an electronic system which protects the vehicle from theft.

How Immobilizer works?
The principle of this operation was that the Immobilizer always monitored the engine management system (ECU). The ECU will not be unlocked and it would not order the fuel injection system to inject fuel unless the recognize a key. 

The system have three principal components:
  • Immobilizer electronic module
  • Antenna for detect the key
  • Car key with chip and transponder
Whenever the driver places the key in the switch, the transponder antenna communicates with the transponder in the key using the magnetic field. If the key is recognized, the car will be able to start.
If the immobilizer does not recognize the key, the vehicle will not start and the immobilizer follows the following safety actions:
  • Disable the fuel injection. 
  • Disables the spark plug from sparking the fuel. 
  • Disables the electricity supply to the fuel pump and injectors.
Despite all the plus sides of the Immobilizer system, it has its drawbacks just like any other mechanical and electronic system. In meny cars, the immobilizer system causes problems and in some cases it is better to remove it.

Why IMMO disabling is needed?
There are several reasons why IMMO off may be required. 
  • Damaged or lost original key
  • ECU damaged
  • IMMO damaged
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • High cost of immobilizer repair
In many cases IMMO OFF  can be used as a temporary fix until the underlying issue is resolved.

How is IMMO OFF done?
Performing IMMO OFF requires specialized equipment and technical knowledge. The process involves reprogramming the car’s ECU to bypass the immobilizer system. The exact steps involved in performing IMMO OFF will depend on the make and model of the car, as well as the type of immobilizer system used.

We carry out coding and repair of immobilizer (manufacturer antitheft system) recovery of the unit with the original parameters or complete deactivation of it.

  • Data recovery and repair of the manufacturer's anti-theft system.
  • Anti-theft system cancellation (electronic immobilizer).
  • Coding and programming of keys and remote controls.
  • Deactivation of lost or stolen keys
  • Return to origin