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According to the manufacturers, the exhaust throttle valves are an element of emission control and increased comfort.

Why do some cars have an exhaust valve
1. - Many car brands are equipped with a muffler in the exhaust system to reduce noise.
2. - Accumulation of exhaust gases in the exhaust system and the greater recirculation through egr for their re-burning. At low revs in high gear, the exhaust valve closes during the initial part of the induction stroke and this results in higher internal pressure. This operation together with the EGR valve should in theory reduce the NOx level.
3. - In emission control, exhaust flaps are used to divert the flow of exhaust gases. In this way they activate HC (Hydrocarbon) absorbers or bring the starter catalyst up to operating temperature more quickly. A new method of emission control is the use of DeNOx catalytic converters.

What happens when the throttle exhaust valve fails
The damage is very often accompanied by an increased temperature in the exhaust system, this affects the exhaust valves but can also damage the intake valves of the engine, turbocharger, catalytic converter, DPF. Signs of failure are poor idle, reduced power, detonations in the intake manifold, misfires.

How do you remove the exhaust flaps?
The removal of a exhaust flaps has two parts, reprogramming the engine control unit (ECU) and the physical removal of the valve. By modifying the software, the same parameters of the exhaust system are preserved. 

The benefits of exhaust flaps removal-delete
Тhe resultis a sporty sound from the exhaust and in some cases increased engine power.