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This new technology allows you to get the best out of your engine, but does it? 

Torque Monitoring is functions makes ecu detect if the values of torque are inconsistent with predefined ones and this way they are automatically turned on to "safe mode". Almost all new cars have this torque control system installed and this is exactly why many cars do not have enough power during acceleration. 
There are many cases where the car refuses to accelerate. When driving at a very low speed and pressing 100% on the accelerator pedal, the car remains as if frozen... this is how this system works (it is more noticeable in vehicles with eco mode) this is very dangerous in many road situations.

What is the solution?
To get the full potential of your engine, this system must be disabled, this does not necessarily have to be accompanied by an increase in power, you just have the full power of your engine.

Disable torque control
In many cases it is sufficient to remove this system but it can also be modified. This is done by modifying the software and programming the engine control module of your car.