How does the file service work

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How to upload a file for modification
Below you will find how you can upload a modification file to our platform

Firstly you have to choose vehicle type
Trucks, Cars, Tractors etc.
 - For example Cars -

- For example AUDI -

- For exemple A4 -

- For exemple 2.0TDI -

- For exepmle 140hp 103kW -

Year of made - you need to write the year of manufacture of the vehicle
- For examlpe 2012 -

 Type of transmission - manual or automatic
- For examlpe Automatic -

File Status
Origina or Modified
- For examlpe original -

Read mtehod
OBD, BDM, BOOT, Bench etc.
- For examlpe OBD -

Remapping tool
You need to write the type of the remapping tool
- For examle KESS -

ECU Brand
- For example - BOSCH -

ECU tipe
- For example - EDC17xx -

After entering of the vehicle data the available modifications will appear.
You can choose one or several modifications according to your requirements
- The cost of the modification will also appear -

Аdditional information
- Here you can specify the current Dtc and anything you want to tell us about the modification or leave it blank -

Alert me when file is ready
- Choose a method to notify you when your file is ready - email, sms, whatsapp etc. -

In this area point to the file or drag it and then press the button Upload and Save
Your file will be uploaded to a platform and will be located in your account
- If you need to upload more than one file compress it with WInRar or WinZip -

After uploading your file you will receive a confirmation email

- This final step completes the file upload -

You can pay for each file separately by choosing your preferred method: PayPal, Bank Card Bank Transfer etc.
You can also buy credits, by purchasing a larger quantity you get a discount that increases according to the amount of the package of credits
After purchasing credits, they are added as a credit balance in your account