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Terms of use of the online store and the services provided by www.chipcars.es owned by Chip Cars LTD

www.chipcars.es is an e-commerce website - for the sale and delivery of the goods published on it, on behalf of Chip Cars LTD
The website www.chipcars.es contains an online store for the conclusion of a commercial transaction for the purchase of items online 
from Chip Cars LTD.

We are located at 
Isperih - P.K. 7400
Blvd./Str. Hristo Botev No. 36
Tel: +359 878 548 352
Email: info@chipcars.com
The company is registered in the Bulgarian Companies Registry with BG207227433

Chip Cars LTD through www.chipcars.es may change the prices of the goods offered without prior notice. The user pays the price that was current at the time of the request for the desired product.
If an incorrect address, contact person or phone number is specified when submitting the request, Chip Cars LTD is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order within the specified time periods during the transaction.

The contract with the customer is considered concluded after acceptance of the purchase application from the online store at www.chipcars.es owned by Chip Cars LTD and after payment of the order.

www.chipcars.es owned by Chip Cars LTD undertakes, after receiving an application from the customer, to deliver the desired goods to him and to inform the customer about the circumstances abaut delivery.
Chip Cars LTD is not responsible if the Customer has provided incorrect or incomplete data in an order placed.

All announced prices are in EURO without VAT.

Chip Cars LTD undertakes:
  • To confirm the availability of the ordered items or refuse the order within 2 working days
  • To deliver the goods requested for purchase within the period provided in the information on delivery and payment of goods.
  • Before it is sent each item is checked for technical condition (if this is possible)

The customer undertakes:
  • To indicate his three names, correct and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address;
  • To pay the price of the goods according to the conditions described in the information on delivery and payment of goods
  • To pay the delivery costs according to the conditions described in the information on delivery and payment of goods
  • To provide access and possibility to receive the goods.The goods requested for purchase are delivered to the delivery address specified by the customer, within the time period provided in the information on delivery and payment of goods.

The goods are delivered appropriately packed, according to their type and the transport for delivery.
When handing over the goods, the Customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. Anyone who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods for delivery and is at the address indicated by the customer, is considered a third party.

Please pay attention!
The products we sell do not allow us to return or withdraw from the purchased goods. This is related to software activation of electronic devices with the customer's data who purchased this device. This activation (process of activation) is irreversible!

Our services also include software manufacturing and modification. 
Once payment has been received and the product has been sented, no cancellation of the order is accepted. This is due to the fact that the software has already been copied at least once.

Registration and identification of the user of the site - www.chipcars.es - owned by Chip Cars LTD

Chip Cars LTD identifies the Users of the site by storing registration log files and by the IP address of the User.

Chip Cars LTD has the right to collect and use information about users after and through their registration. To identify the user, the following is used: name, surname, address, telephone, as well as any other information that the person voluntarily provides during registration.

Chip Cars LTD takes due care and is responsible for protecting the information about the User, which became known to him on the occasion of the registration - subject to these General Terms and Conditions, except in cases of force majeure, accidental event or malicious actions of third parties.

In the registration form filled in by the User during registration, Chip Cars LTD indicates the mandatory or voluntary nature of providing the data and the consequences of refusing to provide them. By expressing agreement with these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to have his/her information processed in the order provided for in them.

Chip Cars LTD collects and processes users' personal data in strict compliance with the Privacy Policy. 
To learn more about the privacy policy, click HERE

The User can register by filling in the relevant electronic registration form, available in real time (on-line) on the Internet on the website of Chip Cars LTD and by pressing the button "Registration", having the force of a written confirmation of the General Terms and Conditions, the User declares that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them.

When filling out the registration application, the User is obliged to provide complete and correct data regarding the identity of natural persons or the legal status of legal entities. The user declares that he agrees to provide the personal data so requested, thereby guaranteeing that the data he provides in the registration process is true, complete and accurate and, if the latter changes, he will update them in a timely manner.
In the case of providing false data, Chip Cars LTD has the right to terminate or suspend the provision of services immediately and without notice, as well as to block and limit the user's access to his account.

Upon registration, the user registers with a unique username and password to access the services available through the Chip Cars LTD website.

The username with which the user registers does not give him any rights other than the right to use the specific username within the Chip Cars LTD e-shop.

The registrant, in his capacity as a representative of a legal entity, is obliged to enter his full name and address, resp. the name of the legal entity it represents. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, he guarantees and confirms that he has a contractual relationship with the user registered by him. By entering incorrect or misleading information, the party is deprived of the right to access the services of the Chip Cars LTD website.

The user is obliged to take care of the protection of his password, as well as not to disclose his password to third parties and to notify Chip Cars LTD immediately in case of unauthorized access, as well as in the case of probability and suspicion of such. He bears the responsibility and risk for the protection of his password, as well as for all actions that are carried out by him or a third party using his password.

The user has the right to access in online mode to the services provided through the Chip Cars LTD site, subject to the conditions and access requirements set by Chip Cars LTD. In order to use the services, the User must enter his username and password.

The user has the right of access and correction in online mode of his personal data provided during registration.

Cookie policy

We inform site visitors that we use cookies only for the proper functioning of the web. We do not collect any information about location, interests, advertisements, etc.

Payment methods

Here we indicate payment methods that are integrated into our site: PayPal and credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa and Borica.
We do not collect credit and debit card details, payments go directly through the Bank platform and PayPal platform.
It is also possible to pay by bank transfer, if you choose this option after placing the order you will receive an email with our bank details.

Chip Cars LTD reserves the right to modify and change anything found and published on our website and on our web service platform!