KESS3 Hardware Master Version

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KESS3 Hardware Master Version

ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning Tool OBD - BOOT - BDM - Bench
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All in One - OBD, Bench and Boot mode.
  • OBD Mode
  • With the OBD mode, you can easily access all the ECU data through the diagnostic socket.
  • BENCH Mode
  • A simple interface for the connector and you have complete access to the data of ECU
  • BOOT Mode
  • This mode allows you to access all system data areas. Read, Write and Clone.
  • Read ECU and TCU
  • Write ECU and TCU
  • ECU cloning option
  • Bluetooth features
  • GPS features
  • Brand new Alientechsuite Interface
  • Interface customization options
  • Subscription & protocol changes
Alientech has made changes to their subscription structure because they wanted to simplify the structure to better serve the needs of customers. Therefore, they decided to separate the subscriptions, so customers can now choose a particular vehicle category and can still combine them.