License pack IVECO EDC7

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License pack IVECO EDC7

An additional license for Truck Explorer.


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SCU: D2151P5002

Category: Additional for IVECO

More Information

EDC7UC31 - Flash and EEPROM Read / Write by OBD, GPT and BDM mode.
Supported: IVECO, KAMAZ, FORD CARGO, MAZ... with EDC7UC31.

In DC GPT mode:
 - No need to disassemble ECU.
 - Auto Checksum before Write operation.
 - Cable needed: DC2U-EDC7UC31 GPT cable

In OBD mode:
 - Auto Checksum before Write operation.
In DC BDM mode for EDC7UC31: 
 - Need to open ECU.
 - Read / Write Flash and EEPROM.
Cables needed:
 - DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM dongle for DC2U
 - DC2U-BDM7 open flex cable (for dongle)    (new, from 2021-04-19)
 - DC2U-EDC7UC31 GPT      (new, from 2021-04-19)

License pack includes:

Nr.License codeLicense namePrice €
1D2151S5006License IVECO EDC7 GPT   New!300,00 €
2D2151S5007License IVECO EDC7 OBD   New!300,00 €
3D2151S1014License EDC7 BDM   New!300,00 €