License pack CPC3

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License pack CPC3

Additional functions for the VEI device
License pack included two modes to read/write CPC3: DC and JTAG


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SCU: D2051P0014

Category: Additional for MB Trucks

More Information

License pack included:

 - Full Flash MPC5566
 - Full Eeprom AT25256
In DC modeNo need to disassemble ECU.
Cable needed: 
 - D205111007 DC2U-CPC3 cable     400 eur
In JTAG modeNeed to disassemble ECU.
Need for additional cables: 
 - D205100020        DC2U-ISP-JTAG+BDM dongle    300 eur
 - D205100024        DC2U-JTAG8 open flex cable       40 eur

Video: How to read/write CPC3 flash/eeprom by DC
Video: CPC3 recovery in JTAG mode

License pack includes:

Nr.License codeLicense namePrice €
1D2051S0039License CPC3 DC1000,00 € 
2D2051S0040License CPC3 JTAG800,00 €