License pack GS2

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License pack GS2

Additional functions for the VEI device
The license pack GS2 allows to Read / Write automatic gearbox GS2 (EPS3) ECU flash / eeprom


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SCU: D2051P0002

Category: Additional for MB Trucks

More Information

The license pack GS2 allows to Read / Write automatic gearbox GS2 (EPS3) ECU flash/eeprom.

Electronic Control Unit and type: GS2 (EPSIII) made by WABCO

1. Read / Write ECU memory with DirectConnect 2U (or 2M) tool in standalone mode.
2. Standalone diagnostics.

Supports GS2 (EPSIII) version:
     - FLASH: ST10F273   512 KB
     - EEPROM A: 2KB 

Supported CPU: C167CS, 10F276

License pack includes:

Nr.License codeLicense namePrice €
1D2051S0016License GS2 DC300,00 €
2D2151S0044License GS2 BSL200,00 €