Truck Exporer Tokens

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Truck Exporer Tokens

Virtual Currency - Some operations have a cost in tokens. Tokens are used offline, and must be purchased in advance

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Tokens are used offline, and must be purchased in advance Tokens - it is Truck Explorer virtual currency used for different one-time operations.


Purchase tokens in advance, they will be stored in your VEI device and can be used offline.
All you need to make this operations for tokens is a VEI V6 device and valid Updates/Support Subscription!
Possible operations list. Over time we will be introducing more features.

Operation prices

ECU name:

Operation name:

Price in tokens

Price in tokens

MREngine number55
MREngine working hours55
MRPower Correction Value (EOL)55
MRProportional Valve 755
MRProportional Valve 855
MCM2VIN code (beta version)55
MCM2Power Correction Value (EOL)2020
MCM2.1 D4Unlock D4 in BSL mode1010
ACM2Torque limit2020
ACM2.1Torque limit2020
ACM2VIN code55
CPC4Speed limit  (new!) 20
CPC5Speed limit  (new!) 50
FFRIMMO OFF or ON  (new!) 50
FFRSpeed limit2020
FFRRead VDF file  (new!) 10
FFRTorque Limit1010
FFRTester info55
FFRItem Nr55
FFRData Record Nr55
FFRSoftware Nr55
FFRUnmachined Part Nr55
FFRVIN code55
PTMIMMO OFF or ON  (new!) 50
PTMRead VDF file  (new!) 50
PTMSpeed limit6060
PTMRPM Limits55
PTMIdle RPM Max55
PTMIdle RPM Min55
PTMTorque Limit1010
PTMTester Info55
PTMItem Nr55
PTMData Record Nr55
PTMSoftware Nr55
PTMUnmachined Part Nr55
PTMVIN code55
EDC7C32Tester info55
EDC7C32Item Nr55
EDC7C32Data Record Nr55
EDC7C32Software Nr55
EDC7C32Unmachined Part Nr55
EDC7C32EOL Info55
EDC7C32VIN code55
ZBRCentral lubrication system  (new!) 30
ZBRAdBlue control  (new!) 50
ZBRAir sensors  (new!) 50
ZBRTester info 5
ZBRItem Nr 5
ZBRData Record Nr 5
ZBRSoftware Nr 5
ZBRUnmachined Part Nr 5
ZBRVIN code 5

Note: Mentioned parameters modifying no need any special license. Works on all VEi V6 devices with active subscription.

Speed and Torque limits in FR/CPC you could change with License MB EXTRA.
Speed limit in ADM3 you could change with License MB ADM EXTRA.
Speed limit in CPC3 you could change with License MB CPC3 EXTRA.
For tokens speed limit change in ECU: CPC4, CPC5, PTM, FFR