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These tools are a connection device between the computer and the car’s ECU, which is used for reading and writing the ECU’s memory in different methods. Depending on the type of the car or ECU, the method of reading or writing the file can be different. The ECU programming tools have a wide variety of make and models.
These models are different depending on the type of the job you want to perform and the type of the vehicle and type of ECU. There many vehicles have the ability to program through a diagnostic socket or OBDII, but in some others the programming process can by done only by a direct connection to the microprocessor or flash. This method is called  BDM, Jtag, BOOT and bench programming.

  • OBD - connection via vehicle OBD port
  • BENCH - Direct direct connection to the ECU connector
  • BDM - direct connection to ECU board
  • JTAG - direct connection to ECU board and connector
  • BOOT - direct connection to ECU board and connector


KESS3 OBD and Bench-Boot Chip Tuning Tool
The newest tool of Alientech, the successor to the wildly famous KessV2 and K-TAG devices offers incredible performance, operational flexibility, and ease of use which allows you to to use a single tool to connect with engines and gearbox control units. KESS3 is a tool that combines three OBD, Bench, and Boot Mode features into one tool. Configure it based on your demands and work.

KESS v2 Chip Tuning Tool (currently discontinued from production and sale)
KESSv2 is one of the best tools for programming the engine ECU and transmission through the OBDll port. 
One thing to keep in mind is that KESSV2 can only read ECU via the OBDll port and cannot connect to the ECU directly. It comes in two versions: Master and SLAVE. The both tools are compatible with with all brands of vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats. 

K-TAG Chip Tuning Tool  (currently discontinued from production and sale)
K-TAG advanced programmer designed to work with ECU's outside the car by connecting to the ECU directly. K-TAG is used for reading and writing EEPROM and flash on all of the on-the-bench ECUs. This means that in some cars you have to open the ECU from the car and do the programming on the bench. This device Comes with various cables; The power supply and adapter which you can use based on different protocols for different kinds of ECU’s. 


FLEX Chip Tuning Tool
FLEX is one of the most revolutionary OBD and Bench-Boot tuning tools for reprogramming, updating of ECUs and gearboxes. Security features and detailed information modules allow you to connect directly with the ECU through the OBD port, in Bench or Boot mode.


VEI Device
AutoVEI - The world leader in reprogramming and updating tools for trucks and heavy equipment
You won't find another tool like it, there simply isn't one!
It is the only tool that can work with all electronic modules in heavy industry vehicles. The possibilities of this tool are unlimited, you can combine different software modules and accessories according to your needs and requirements.

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