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ECM Titanium Full Promo Version


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SCU: 149757ECMP

Promotional FULL version is available if purchased in combination with KESS3 Master

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More Information

Mapping Software

ECM Titanium is the mapping software that allows you to interpret and modify the files of the control unit easily and with accuracy. It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats; it does not need other files or additional information as all are already included in the software.

To each original file corresponds a driver, supplied by Alientech, that decodes and makes available the parameters of the engine performance, for example: spark advance, engine revolves, acceleration percentage and turbo pressure. In this way you can edit the related parameters modifying the performance of the engine.

Each ECU manages all the sensors and actuators of the engine system. These parameters can be read by KESSv2 and K-TAG, saved in one file that you can customize with ECM Titanium software. After that, you can re-write back the new modified file using KESSv2 or K-Tag in the ECU.