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ChipCars is a team of highly qualified specialists who have all the knowledge needed to help you with car repairs and modifications. If you need it, we will help you in the selection and purchase of equipment and software.
Nowadays is common when diagnostics identifies problems related to incorrect operation of the vehicle electronics and it is required to reprogram control units with new software that corrects such errors.

Chip tuning, reprogramming of electronic control units with modified software has been gaining popularity. It gives excellent opportunities not only to improve the engine power and torque, also to get a solushion of a number of problems such as faults of the DPF, EGR Adblue ect.

Today it is not easy to find a company that can be trusted to remap, repair or upgrade your car. The main criterion for choosing such a company is not only its experience and professional achievements, but its staff who are able to work with complex automotive electronics and ready to provide the full range of services required by the client in one place.

Chip tuning and diagnostics are processes that require special equipment, software, knowledge and experience, without all this it is impossible to repair or improve a modern car, which is literally crammed with all kinds of complex electronic systems. If you are the owner of a car repair shop or a private specialist, high-quality chip tuning and diagnostic equipment is simply necessary, because your reputation and profit are at stake.

Diagnostics or reprogramming of ECUs using non-original or non-professional equipment may result in failure or incorrect replacement of expensive components. There are a huge number of appliances and devices on the market, different in price and functionality, and choosing what you need can take months, and as a rule, you have to work today with the requirements of the market and your customers.

Unfortunately there are sites full of fraudulent offers from sellers of fake and cloned tools and equipment that do not meet safety requirements. The owners of such shops create cheap websites and their staff have never worked with real cars. These stores are opening and closing and leaving their customers without support.

Our company works with the same tools and equipment that we sell, so all products presented on the site are tested in a real environment in our service centers. Our experience and knowledge help many manufacturers to improve their products, and our customers to work successfully, constantly expanding the range of services they provide.

ChipCars is an online shop specializing in professional licensed tools for vehicle diagnostics and chip tuning. We work and sell only genuine equipment by leading manufacturers.
Our online shop is an official dealer of Alientech, Magicmotorsport, Autovei etc. All the equipment in the catalogue is highly reliable in other words, our tools work exactly the way they should, and will not let you down. We are always ready to give advice and answer any question. You can always count on our help and support.

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