1037538358 04L906021FD 6544 0281019175 ORIGINAL FILE

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1037538358 04L906021FD 6544 0281019175 ORIGINAL FILE
Audi A3 8V 2012-2016 Turbo Diesel 110hp 81kW 1.6TDI EDC17C64 1037538358 04L906021FD 6544 0281019175 original file
The Original file specifications includes: vehicle brand and model, ECU brand and type, hardware and software numbers, read hardware, software size, status of file, 8 bit checksum
Original file specification
ModelA3 8V 2012-2016
Engine size1.6TDI
Power110hp 81kW
Engine typeTurbo Diesel
ECU TypeEDC17C64
ECU Software Version04L906021FD 6544
ECU Part Number04L907309E
ECU HW Number0281019175
ECU SW Number1037538358
Statusoriginal file mpc eeprom
ToolAlientech KTAG
Read MethodBOOT
Additional Information
Archivos ECU Lectura Completa - Full Backup Original Files
K-TAG Backup File 1,554KB - EEprom 64KB - MPC 4,096KB

Unit Cost20.00 EUR
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