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ECU Remapping can be an extremely cost-effective way of significantly improving the performance of your vehicle.
Remapping the ECU can remove the limitations set by the car manufacturer. By going through with a remap, you can effectively make your vehicle parameters more precise depending on the area in which you live, the altitude and the quality of fuel you have available. Tuning of all of these aspects will result in increased power and torque output. ECU remaps can help to improve engine responsiveness and throttle response.
  • Improved Torque and Power. 
  • Better Fuel Efficiency. With proper tuning, the engine can achieve more power throughout its rev range
  • Better Overall Performance
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Completely Customisable - Tailor-Made for Your Needs

Turbo Petrol Engines
TSI-TFSI-EcoBoost etc..

Turbo-charging is key to power gains.
The modern turbocharged petrol engine is a good base for tuning and they generally respond extremely well indeed.
The power and torque improvements above are all achieved by matching of parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery ratesrates, Ignition timing, limit torque, throttle response and cam timing.

In most cars, the benefits of remapping a turbo petrol engine are:
  • up to 20% more power
  • up to 25% more torque
  • improved throttle response
  • enhanced rev range

Turbo Diesel Engines

When increasing productivity by optimizing the car's software, it is important to have the perfect ratios of the power curve and fuel economy. The essence of turbo diesel tuning is all about the safe use of factory maximum tolerances. Our guaranteed power gains and guaranteed fuel economy improvements are achieved by the fine and correct adjustments to parameters such as boost pressures, fuel injector durations, fuel pressures, fuel pump timing along with adjustments to electronic limiters set inside the ECU for the likes of torque limits , gear specific torque limits, throttle response limiters, top speed limiter and many more.

  • Up to 30% more torque and more power
  • Improved throttle response
  • Fuel economy improvements
  • Increased horsepower
  • Better gas response
  • Safer overtaking

Naturally aspirated engines

The aspiration engine can benefit from up to 10 - 15% more power and torque by programming various engine parameters, such as its fuel and ignition maps.
The improvements above are all achieved by very careful matching of parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates & Ignition timing along with adjustments to maps that electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed. All this information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised to our exacting standards and then programmed back into your ECU.

The results after processing of your car's software are:
  • Up to 10% more power and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced rev rang