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We offer custom ECU files for petrol and diesel vehicles for performance and fuel economy. You can choose different options and modifications: Better Efficiency, Fuel Economy, Performance or Maximum Power. We have tested solutions and offer various software modifications according to your needs. This is a chip tuning file service, the waiting time is as follows:
  • Stage 1 - Balanced Tuning - Waiting time between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Stage 2 - Tuning with high performance - Waiting time between 30 and 100 minutes
  • Stage 3 - Sports Tuning - The waiting time for this service depends on the options chosen by the client
  • Delete (off) files and modifications - Waiting time between 30 and 60 minutes
We work with dealers, tuning garages and individuals.

Step 1. Register your free account
It has no cost

Step 2. Choose option
Select a vehicle and choose the modification you need - You can choose between various modifications or a combination of them

Step 3. Upload file
Upload the file with your requirements to the platform

Step 4. Pay for your files
Complete the purchase of your file - We have several payment options: PayPal - Card - Bank Transfer - Credits

Step 5. Download file
Download your modified file - For most modifications the waiting time is between 30 and 60 minutes

----  How does the file service work?  ----

We have all the necessary tools and software you need to retune your engine. We are a distributor of Alientech and Magicmotrsport and Autovei. We support many other well known chiptuning tools and software.

Do you have any questions? info@chipcars.es

Credits Pricing

100 Credits

400 Credits

500 Credits

600 Credits

700 Credits

800 Credits

900 Credits

1000 Credits

Cars - Trucks - Buses - Agricultural - Industrial - Boats

All our solutions have been tested on real vehicles and work without problems, we can also create a new solution for any type of vehicle. DPF/FAP - OPF - SCR - EGR - Exhaust valve - Hot and cold start - Throttle and intake flaps - Dtc - Lambda and Catalyst 
NOX - Start Stop - Torque, Speed and Revolution Limiters as well and Limitations etc...
Cars, Truck, Bus, Farm Machinery, Construction Equipment, Boats
Good power and Improved diesel economy up to 15%. Designed to return an improved economy in turbo diesel engines.
Cars - Truck - Bus, Farm Machinery - Construction Equipment - Boats - Bikes - ATVs
Tuning stage 1 modification does not require any other engine modifications to get it to work. Our Stage 1 tuning files are developed for use in a car with original parts. Remapping is designed with optimized ignition, boost, and fuel targets for enhanced performance and responsiveness on a vehicle with stock hardware.
Cars - Truck - Farm Machinery - Construction Equipment - Bikes - ATVs
Stage 2 are developed for engines with modifications to intake, exhaust and turbo
Cars - Truck - Bus - Farm Machinery - Construction Equipment - Boats
Stage 3 has been developed for maximum power. This mod needs: engine upgrade, turbocharger, intercoolers, injectors, exhaust system etc. 
We need full information about these modifications.
Checksum Calculation Service (CHK)
Pop and Bang / Crackle Map - petrol engines
Hard Cut Limiter / Petrol Engines - Manual Gearbox
Hard Cut Limiter / Popcorn Limiter Diesel - Manual Gearbox
Service for Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda cars with MED9 ECU
Programming of Launch Control
Programming of Anti-Lag System / ALS
Torque Monitoring - Delete/Modification
Sport gauge calibration - BMW / Mini / VAG
Mass Air Flow sensor / Air Meter - Removal/Delete/Calibration
Calibration of the working range of the MAP sensor
EGR - Removal/Delete
DPF - Removal/Delete
AdBlue/SCR - Removal/Delete
GPF/ОPF/Particulate Filter - Removal/Delete
Removal of  DTC’s ( Diagnostic Trouble Codes ).
TVA/Тhrottle Actuators - Removal/Delete
Swirl Flaps - Removal/Delete
Start/Stop - Removal/Delete
Speed Limiter - Removal/Delete/Modification
Starting problem when engine is hot. All types of engines: TDI, D4D, DCI,TDCI, CRDI etc.
Check the supported systems.
The Evaporative Emission System - EVAP - Removal/Delete
Exhaust Flap - Removal/Delete
Emission Inspection Readiness - Removal/Delete
Lambda-O2/CAT - Removal/Delete
IMMO - Removal/Delete
Eliminación del sistema antirrobo de fábricante.
Kickdown - Removal/Delete
Air Pump - Removal/Delete
TPROT - Removal/Delete
Delete anti-chip tuning protection
VAG MED17 IMMO - Transfer/Clone
Immo clone of EDC17 ECU you need to send full backup from both ECUs - Original and Donor 
VAG MED17 IMMO - Transfer/Clone
Immo clone of MED17 ECU you need to send full backup from both ECUs - Original and Donor 
BMW EWS - Removal/Delete
Removing the factory immo system on BMW cars
Radiator Shutter - Removal/Delete
IAT Sensor removal - Removal/Delete
NOx sensor - Removal/Delete
Removal/Delete O2/NOx sensor functions
Remapping of for vehicles that run on E85 Bioethanol. Check the supported systems.
Electric Water Pump - Removal/Delete
Warranty Patch - Modification
With this modification the dealer cannot detect the tuning software BMW/Min/VAG ect.

Do you need tuning tools?

We offer tuning tools and accessories from all major manufacturers. We offer support and assistance for all our purchased tools. If you need advice, please contact us..




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To all our clients and customers we offer technical support and guarantee for remaps. If you have bought a tool from us we will provide technical support. For all support enquiries please contact our technical department on support@chipcars.es. We will response on your support ticket as soon as possible.

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